Cheers POS — We’re For You.

  • The Cheers POS (Point of Sale) System is the cash register that can run your entire liquor or wine store business. This system is principally and primarily your cash register, but it is also everything else you need for your specialized business. It has all of your shop’s records in a soft copy format in the cloud (no data limits).   All business done within the Cheers POS System is synced up to automatically adjust your business’ reports.  You can see what your business is doing in real time and print out your records as needed.

  • Two liquor store owners constituted the Cheers Point of Sales System because there is no other cloud based point of sales system on the market that was only for industries needing carding and thus, no other point of sales system will do for you what this system does.  We were created by liquor store owners who wanted to specify to liquor and wine stores. Cheers POS is not for everybody.  We are for you and your business, not general retail fields or restaurants.  Because you have enough to worry about with your business, our system is designed to help you.

  • The options in your Cheers Point of Sale system are different than what other point of sale systems offer. We have categories that are specified for your liquor and wine store inventory needs. We are willing to listen to our customers tell us how we can be better for everybody. Because we specialize to select retail stores, we can customize our point of sale system to help all our customers.  You let us know what you want from us and we will see how we can accommodate you.

Cheers provides a great system with intuitive features. While reorganizing the store I work at, we could not be more happy with the flexibility of reporting and the benefits of the cloud-based POS.

The team at Cheers is always helpful in providing fast support in the rare occurrence we have trouble with something, and they are forward thinking in improving their product. Highly recommended!

Ken Kerr

Owner of Flat Track Liquor Sabetha, KS

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