Manage Employees The Way You Want

Employee Permission Based System

Cheers POS gives you a simple way to manage all of your employees individually on the register. Various departments, functions, reports, and permissions can be selected to enable your employees to what you need them to do in order for your store to function as you like.


Employee Register Open / Close Log Report

Cheers POS has a built in Register Log Report to track your business’ money.  You see when an employee logged into a register, when sales happened, how much each sale/return/exchange was, and how much money was reported in the register at the beginning and end of a shift. Spot money shortages in seconds.

Employee Clock-in

Your employees can easily clock-in and out of shifts from any terminal. Don’t waste your money on a seperate clock-in device, Cheers POS calculates hours and pay so you can focus on more important things.


Employee Labor Tracking Made Easy

With Cheers POS, you can track all your staff’s work hours. Quickly edit hours and add new times in case an employee forgot to clock-in or out. Generate a time sheet report at the end of the week to keep track of each employee’s hours for records and filing.  Cheers POS can keep track of hours so you can keep track of your business.


What Our Customers Have to Say

Cheers point of sale has been great for our store here in Junction City we love the fact that they came to our store and trained us how to use the entire system. Thanks guys! 

Emily Johnson

Manager Discount Liquor Junction City KS

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