Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • What is Cheers POS?

  • What does cloud-based mean?

  • Why should I use Cheers POS?

  • How much does Cheers POS cost?

  • Any contracts?

  • What if the electricity goes out at my store?

  • Do you offer free trials?


  • Do I have to purchase hardware from Cheers POS?

  • Can I use the hardware I currently have from my other POS?

  • Does the hardware include a warranty?


  • Who will install, network, and set up the systems?

  • How long are the installation and training?

  • Will we need to close our business in order to convert to Cheers?

Merchant Services

  • Who is your credit card processor?

  • Can I use an external credit card device?

Customer Support

  • Who will help me when we are having trouble?

  • How do you provide support?

  • Will the support team easily see what I see on the screen?

  • Will someone be available during the Holidays?

Inventory Data

  • Can I use my current data?

  • How can I find out if my data is good and exportable?

  • Will Cheers POS count my inventory?

Ready to Get Started?

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