Switching Your POS

A New Way to Manage

There’s more to owning a liquor store than the layman might think.

It’s not just about stocking the shelves and organizing your inventory. Running a successful small business means that you have to solve problems from every direction. It can be difficult to anticipate these problems and solve them in a way that won’t impact your efficiency.

You need a system that can help you manage your store more effectively. Cheers POS is a point-of-sale software that streamlines several of the more troublesome aspects of owning a liquor store. With this software, you can make your management process more convenient than ever.

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For Store Owners Like You

Cheers POS was founded by and for liquor store owners.

Some similar softwares were built from an outside perspective, so they can’t predict the road bumps you might come across during your liquor store management journey. But we’ve gone over those road bumps ourselves, so we’ve optimized our software to solve those problems before they ever arise.

If you have a point-of-sale system that isn’t working in your favor, we’d urge you to give Cheers POS a look. Is the idea of switching POS systems daunting? It doesn’t have to be. See how we’ve made the setup and installation process easier than ever.


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Making the Switch

It’s easy to become complacent with inefficient software. You may have problems with your current POS systems, but is switching POS systems really worth the inconvenience?

Well, with Cheers POS, switching over doesn’t have to be an inconvenience at all. We’ve made the set-up process simple and straightforward.

Our technicians are accomplished and qualified at helping veteran and novice liquor store owners alike install their POS system. A member of our team will come right to your store and walk you through the process, so you won’t be left struggling to figure it out on your own.

Dedicated Support

A new system can be confusing, but the Cheers POS support staff makes it straightforward. We’ve set up a dedicated support team that ensures switching POS systems is a breeze.

You can talk to our team over the phone to troubleshoot any difficulties you may have during the transition process.

Not a fan of talking over the phone? No problem! We have a new support ticketing system built right into the Cheers POS system. You can make a report and track the progress of your inquiry until it’s resolved.

Or, if you’d prefer to work through it yourself, we can provide assistance with our video tutorials. These videos break down our system in language that is easy to understand, so you can get started using Cheers POS without any untimely delays.

The Benefits of Cheers POS

We didn’t want to develop a system that could only do one or two things. Even from the beginning, we knew that Cheers POS should be a one-stop shop for all of your liquor store needs. So, we are continuously adding new features to help you run your store smoothly.


All-In-One POS Solutions

  • Integrated Credit Card Processing – Setting up a dedicated credit card system is a necessity. Ensure your system is fast and safe with the help of our integrated credit card processing options.

  • Hardware & Peripherals – We have multiple hardware packages to take your store into the 21st century. You don’t have to buy superfluous hardware—only order what you need.

  • Customer Loyalty – You want to reward repeat customers, and we’ve made it easy by offering options to set up your own customer loyalty program.

  • Gift Cards – Help customers give the gift of your products with our gift card program. Set up professional and convenient gift card options for your buyers.

  • E-Commerce – In this day and age, you need an online shopping presence. And we can help with our e-commerce program.

Management & Operations

  • Invoices & Reporting – You don’t want to be lost in piles of vague paperwork. Our solutions for invoices and reporting make the process fast and comprehensive.

  • Inventory Management – A successful liquor store needs to be aware of each and every product on their shelves. Keep track of your inventory with Cheers POS.

  • Purchase Order Automation – It can be a hassle to order the same staple products over and over again. Cheers POS allows you to automate the process.

  • Wholesale Management – Wholesale sales can be a great way to add some additional income to your store. Set it up with our team today.

  • Distributor Integrations – Cheers POS can help you get the best prices right from the distributors, so you’re always getting the most out of your deals.

Two people use our Liquor Inventory System

A Personal Touch

When you switch over to Cheers POS software, we want to get to know you so we can best optimize your system to meet your needs.

Cheers POS has helped a number of different liquor stores, big and small, enhance their management procedures. These stores aren’t just names on an invoice—they’re a valued part of the Cheers POS community.

We understand how different two liquor stores can be, so when you sign up for a Cheers demo, we want to know what makes your store special. Once we get to know you, we can make personalized recommendations for better results.

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A Marketing Resource

As you’re considering switching your POS system, why not browse through our News & Updates section?

It can be difficult to market your store’s products effectively, so we’ve written a series of blogs that offer marketing tips for stores of any size or specialty. These blogs are a free resource, so don’t feel any pressure to commit while you browse through our marketing tips.

These blogs are constantly updated, so even if you think you’ve read all we have to offer, stay tuned, because we’re always ready to offer more suggestions. Let us help you make your store even better.

Request a Demo

Still not convinced about switching POS systems? Why not consider trying a free demo? Just answer a few simple questions about yourself and your store, and you can try a complimentary trial for Cheers POS.

We hope you’ll be impressed at just how much our system can transform the way you operate your store. Give it a try today.