Liquor store customer loyalty program

From Shoppers To Regulars

Give Back To The Customers Who Keep You Going

No customers (especially no loyal ones) means no business. Great customer relationships help you grow and expand, and they’re the lifeblood of your business. Cheers POS’ liquor store customer loyalty tools help you nurture these relationships and create even more. Rewarding your customers for their loyalty, and inviting new customers to join, helps you deepen and strengthen your customer relationships in a variety of ways.

How It Works

Our innovative liquor store POS platform allows you to create customer profiles. You can tag any customer as loyal and offer “cash” back for every dollar they spend. This “cash” back loyalty program motivates the customer to shop with you—not that guy down the street—every time they make a liquor or wine run.

Adding customers to your system isn’t just great for a loyalty program, however. You can also create customer profiles and communicate with individual customers (e.g. “We got a delivery of your favorite bottle!”) or all of them via text message or email. The best part? This feature is free!


Our Process

Features To Help You Build Loyalty

Did you know it costs a lot more to gain new customers than it is to keep loyal ones? We built the Cheers POS system with the goal of making managing and operating a wine or liquor store easier on our clients. A strong customer database with a loyalty program can help you keep customers coming back for more and take your marketing to the next level.

  • Purchase history to know your customers and their habits and tastes better
  • The flexibility to offer custom discounts or rewards—and control the manager(s) or cashier(s) that may as well
  • Send messages to individuals, groups, or the entire customer database to market specials, new arrivals, and more

Why Choose Cheers POS For Your Liquor Store Customer Loyalty Program?

Our built-in liquor store customer loyalty program makes choosing Cheers POS to power your store a no-brainer. Let us help you connect to your customers like never before.

When You Choose Cheers POS, You Get:

  • Flexible rewards program to put you in control of rewarding your most loyal customers

  • Quickly create and save customers during transactions

  • Build your customer database & create more loyal customers

  • Boost your targeted marketing capabilities

  • Valuable customer insights to guide purchasing or marketing decisions

For Liquor Stores, By Liquor Stores

After growing frustrated with the cloud-based POS options for their own liquor stores, two Midwestern owners teamed up to create an intuitive POS solution for liquor stores that just makes sense. We are Cheers POS, an all-in-one solution for successful liquor store operations.

Rather than fit a generic POS system to your store, we’ve created a sophisticated yet easy-to-use system that’s made exclusively for liquor sales, inventory, payroll, and more. We offer U.S.-based customer service and take our clients’ suggestions for improvement to heart—regularly making improvements to the platform based on real feedback. Not just a cash register, our liquor store POS system is the only tool you need to run a liquor or wine store.


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