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A Top-Shelf  POS Solution

For Liquor Stores, By Liquor Stores

We are Cheers POS, an all-in-one solution for successful liquor store operations. Rather than fit a generic point-of-sale system to your store, we’ve created a sophisticated yet easy-to-use system that’s made exclusively for liquor sales, inventory, payroll, and more.

We offer U.S.-based customer service and take our clients’ suggestions for improvement to heart—regularly making improvements to the platform based on real feedback. Not just a cash register, our liquor store POS system is the only tool you need to run your liquor or wine store.

Helping You Uncork Your Store’s Potential

With 25+ years of combined liquor sales experience under our belts, we set out to create a system that goes beyond cash register capabilities. We envisioned a system that helps you grow and grows along with you, an all-encompassing solution that we’re proud to use in our own stores.

When you choose Cheers POS, you:

  • Are seen as a valued partner, not just a client

  • Get unparalleled U.S.-based customer service and free support

  • Access special tools meaningful to your business

  • Are a voice to tell us how we can serve you better

  • And so much more!

All-In-One POS Solutions

Take a look at our options to enhance your POS system. We could have stopped at managing your credit card purchases, but we wanted to make things easy for you. Now, you can offer gift cards, customer loyalty programs, and e-commerce options, all with our help.

It can be frustrating trying to manage and integrate multiple systems at once, but now you don’t have to. We want to streamline the process in every way possible, and that includes adding as many services as we can. It’s never been easier to upgrade your sales options. Browse your options for integrated POS solutions below.

Management & Operations

You know it better than anyone. It isn’t easy to manage a liquor store. We’ve been there ourselves—we’ve owned our own stores, so we’ve dealt with it all firsthand. As a result, we knew what management services other store owners needed, and we made it our mission to offer them ourselves.

You don’t have to spend any more time struggling to manage your inventory and automate your purchase orders. Cheers POS does it all for you, all in one place. So if you’re interested in upgrading to a better class of liquor store management, take a look at our options below:

Superior Customer Service & Support

At Cheers POS, we have an intimate understanding of the ins and outs of liquor store ownership. This enabled us to build the most intuitive liquor store POS system on the market—with the customer service to back it up. When you call, we answer. Our team takes the time to understand your situation and work toward a quick resolution.

Some businesses don’t see the point in offering a dedicated support staff. They think that their only objective is to make the sale and move onto the next customer. We disagree. When you agree to install a Cheers POS system, you become our responsibility. We’re not in this for the money.

We’re in this because we believe that business owners deserve a point-of-sale system that works for them. We won’t rest until your system is back in working order. And if you have any ideas on how to improve the product, let us know about those, too.

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Business Insights

We’re proud to be a company of liquor store owners because we have unmatched, on-the-ground experience. We can offer insights that others can’t, and we’ve compiled them for your reading pleasure!

If you’re ever looking for tips, stories, and advice from accomplished liquor store owners just like you, then take a look at our News & Updates page. There, you can find custom blogs with tips and tricks that can benefit any liquor store owner, even you. We’ve seen a thing or two over the years, and now we’re passing those experiences on to you!

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We Hear You

At Cheers POS, we’re all about giving our customers a voice. We think your input is hugely important, and we’re not shy about showing it off. Take a look at some of our customer testimonials. These are real reviews from customers just like you, who have had their businesses transformed by the Cheers POS system.

Helping out business owners is why we got into this business in the first place, and we love getting feedback. If you want to leave a review of your own, reach out to us. We’d love to hear it! Check out some of our testimonials below.


Cheers provides a great system with intuitive features. While reorganizing the store I work at, we could not be happier with the flexibility of reporting and the benefits of the cloud-based POS. The team at Cheers is always helpful in providing fast support in the rare occurrence we have trouble with something, and they are forward thinking in improving their product. Highly recommended!

- Ken Kerr

Owner of Flat Track Liquor Sabetha, KS

Came off of CLOVER POS it was a horrible experience!!! Went to CHEERS and it has been Amazing. Customer service is great. They are always more than willing to help with any problems or questions. Thank you Edgar, this system is all you said it would be!

- Dee

Brothers Wine & Spirits

One of the best parts of working with Cheers is that their team not only listens to customer feedback, but they make our ideas a reality! It's so nice to have a system that is built with/for us.

- Matthew Swann

We switched to CHEERS POS after having another leading POS system for years. Edgar made the transition easy and spent time one on one teaching our employees how to use it. Any issue we have had come up has been resolved quickly and efficiently through their customer service team even the issues that seem to be just user error they're able to walk you through what to do. Really would recommend to anyone who wants good customer service when issues arise especially since we have rarely had any problems. They are always updating and improving things to make things easier and more efficient for us.

- Stephanie King

We put in our Cheers POS system a year ago at Worley's LLC in Stanley. We were using a DOS based system since 1996 but it was a little antiquated. My son had encouraged me to pursue a system that was more intuitive for the next generation and would take less training time than my old one. He was right. The customer service is very, very timely and they never sound like one might be bothering them. They always sound like they are happy to hear from you and never make you feel like your a bother. There are so many great features in this system, it would be hard to go into them all!!

- Lynette Stone

I went to Cheers from another system that was really good but got bought out and the service went way down hill . So called Cheers and talked with Edgar and tried Cheers POS and really liked it 👍 Very good customer service! Any time I need Edgar or staff they are always ready to answer questions right away for me . If I thought something needed added just ask and they will work on it . Thanks Edgar for your services !

- Rick Carlile

CHEERS IS AWESOME! Very friendly staff with alot of knowledge of the retail business. The system is very user friendly and they give you very detailed training. Their system helps us keep better control of our business and saves us time by making it easier to run reports and input inventory.

- Chris Wilson

Very good POS system. I have had minimal issues most of which are quickly resolved with the on point customer service. the only thing that I have had an issue with is being able to separate my total credit card sales (including tax) from my total over all sales being as we run 2 separate tax brackets in our store.

- Anthony Jones

I opened up a new liquor store and was referred to Cheers POS. This is an amazing company!!! They answer my every question promptly and even spent a week with me helping start up the store. The software is very user friendly too. I would highly recommend them to anyone

- Emily Carmona

They were able to come in and help us set up a new register system as we took new ownership of a local Liqor store! Edgar has done an amazing job with helping us with our needs to the new system! Everything runs better and faster! Thank you!

- Sarah Kirk

We’ve Been Waiting For You

A lot goes into running a liquor store, and no one understands that better than us. So if you’ve ever thought that there must be a better way, there is. Cheers POS is a system that can anticipate your needs and offer services to meet those needs. We’ve taken every step to ensure that the process is as stress-free as possible. From the installation to the customer support, everything is designed to offer absolutely zero resistance. There’s no reason to hesitate; reach out to a member of our team, and we can help you optimize your liquor store. Your employees and your customers will see the difference, too.

Get Started Today!

Have any questions about the Cheers POS system? Want to leave a review or suggestion? Maybe you think you’d be right for the Cheers POS team! Either way, we’re always more than happy to hear from you. So give us a shout and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We think you’ll be happy you did!

Ready to experience the Cheers POS difference for yourself? Drop us a line or request a free demo to get started.