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Liquor Store Credit Card Processing With Options

Keep Your Customers Happy With Fast & Secure Credit Card Processing

When it comes to accepting payments at your wine or liquor store, you probably don’t care how it works—just that it does, and fast. While we’ll certainly explain to you how it works, you can also trust us when we say the Cheers POS liquor store credit card processing feature runs seamlessly. Backed by our unparalleled customer service and support, Cheers POS is what you need to run your operation smoothly and ensure a fast and secure checkout process.

How It Works

Cheers POS offers an all-in-one solution that brings everything you need to run your business together in one place. This includes integrated liquor store credit card processing. Our cloud-based platform allows you to use our system on a range of devices, with your choice of processor, and with credit card processing hardware to accept fast and secure payments from customers.

Our customer support team will help you every step of the way—from installing and training you on the system to providing ongoing support and explaining additional features as they become available.


Our Process

Cutting No Corners

At Cheers POS, we equip you with what you need to accept payments and process sales—and then we put you in control of the rest. This allows you to do what you’re best at, while giving you the peace of mind knowing you’re making money and keeping your customers safe from fraud.

  • Choose from 4 integrated merchant processors

  • Full encryption on a PCI‑compliant system

  • Accept payments via EMV chips, contactless NFC, Apple/Samsung Pay, card swipes, cash, gift cards, and checks

  • Give customers the convenient option to split payments between credit/debit cards, gift cards, cash, or checks

  • Use our cloud-based software from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone

  • Integration with accounting software like QuickBooks. Banking coming soon! 

Why Choose Cheers POS For Your Liquor Store Credit Card Processing?

It’s a simple decision. Cheers POS is the liquor store-exclusive POS solution created by liquor store owners. We understand your unique needs and can help you uncork the potential of your business.

When You Choose Cheers POS, You Get:

  • The freedom to choose from 4 integrated merchants, or keep your current processor if you prefer.

  • Ongoing platform improvements based on your needs and feedback.

  • Personal U.S.-based customer support that actually listens to you.

  • Protect customers from fraud and abuse.

For Liquor Stores, By Liquor Stores

After growing frustrated with the cloud-based POS options for their own liquor stores, two Midwestern owners teamed up to create an intuitive POS solution for liquor stores that just makes sense. We are Cheers POS, an all-in-one solution for successful liquor store operations.

Rather than fit a generic POS system to your store, we’ve created a sophisticated yet easy-to-use system that’s made exclusively for liquor sales, inventory, payroll, and more. We offer U.S.-based customer service and take our clients’ suggestions for improvement to heart—regularly making improvements to the platform based on real feedback. Not just a cash register, our liquor store POS system is the only tool you need to run a liquor or wine store.


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