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Taking the Headache Out of Liquor Store Wholesale Management

Seamless wholesale management for liquor and wine stores



Most clubs, restaurants, and bars rely on local liquor stores to fulfill their beer, wine, or liquor needs. While it takes some additional time to do so, opening yourself up to wholesale sales opportunities provides a great alternative revenue stream. This helps your business earn more sales outside of the customers that visit your wine or liquor store. With Cheers POS, you’re working with a system whose liquor store owners understand exactly what you need to manage your wholesale orders quickly and efficiently.

How it Works


When you make a sale to a local club, bar, or restaurant, there are several reports you need to send to your state’s department of revenue. You must keep records of what you sold, who you sold it to, and their liquor license information. Our POS system creates on-premise sales reports for you, automatically adding the items from the order and letting you fill in the other necessary information. All you have to do is sign the report, and it’s ready for filing with the state! You can also instantly upload invoices to get paid via Fintech.


Our Process

Wholesale management made easy


Wholesale orders open you up to additional sources of revenue. With Cheers POS, they don’t have to take up a ton of your time! Schedule a demo of our wine and liquor store wholesale management system to learn how easy we’ve made the process.

  • Instantly upload invoices to Fintech to get paid.
  • Create a pre-filled on-premise sales report for the state.
  • Built-in wholesale sales reports

Why choose Cheers POS for liquor store wholesale management?

Cheers POS isn’t your average POS system. It’s a POS solution that’s custom-tailored to wine and liquor store owners. While using all our features, you can have peace of mind knowing that we built them to help you run a successful store.

  • Saves time on every wholesale order.
  • Integrates with the invoicing system to reconcile or manage.
  • Automates the reports you need for the state.
  • Makes requests for additional features that will help you use our platform better.

When You Choose Cheers POS, You Get:

  • Maximize your storage space & budget.

  • Confidently order the right products and quantities for your store.

  • Automates the process, saving you time.

For Liquor Stores, By Liquor Stores

After growing frustrated with the cloud-based POS options for their own liquor stores, two Midwestern owners teamed up to create an intuitive POS solution for liquor stores that just makes sense. We are Cheers POS, an all-in-one solution for successful liquor store operations. Rather than fit a generic POS system to your store, we’ve created a sophisticated yet easy-to-use system that’s made exclusively for liquor sales, inventory, payroll, and more. We offer U.S.-based customer service and take our clients’ suggestions for improvement to heart—regularly making improvements to the platform based on real feedback. Not just a cash register, our liquor store POS system is the only tool you need to run a liquor or wine store.


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