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Liquor Store Promotion Ideas

Liquor Store Promotion Ideas to Get You Through the Holidays

Helpful Tips & Resources | October 26, 2023 | ll_cheers

The holiday season is upon us! And as the days grow colder and the nights grow longer, businesses begin to decorate for the festivities.

Workers string up lights around the threshold, and managers set candy cane and snowflake decals in the windows. Patrons love to see their favorite businesses get into the holiday spirit. But this isn’t just a chance to celebrate the most wonderful time of year.

Cheers POS wants to show you that by getting into the spirit of the season, you can build a better relationship with your customers. These holiday-oriented liquor store promotion ideas are a great way to increase your customer foot traffic this time of year.

Cheers POS

Cheers POS is a fast, intuitive point-of-sale system for your liquor store. With our help, you can optimize your business’s inventory, payroll, and sales. We’re passionate about the liquor store industry.

A man examines the system of Cheers POS, your resource for liquor store promotion ideas

We’ve seen how businesses of any size can struggle at the hands of their cumbersome, overly-complicated sales systems, and we wanted to develop a better system. But our commitment to liquor stores doesn’t end with our system. We also want to offer our business advice.

We’ve worked with countless successful liquor stores over the years, so we know a thing about running a thriving business.

Liquor Store Promotion Ideas

The key to any good liquor store promotion is getting people to walk through the front door. But once they’re inside, don’t miss the opportunity to upsell additional products.

They may walk in for a single item, but they can leave with an abundance of different liquors, wines, and miscellaneous gifts for their friends and family. This is a season of giving, so lots of people all over the area are looking for an extra-special gift for their loved ones. You can take this opportunity to make your store a one-stop-shop for your buyers.

A customer may simply want a pick-me-up after a long work week, but you can offer them a chance to get their holiday shopping done in the same trip!

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great gift that requires little effort. If a customer is heading to a work party and needs something simple for the gift exchange, a gift card could be a convenient option.

You may think that gift cards are only a worthy investment for a big box store or franchise. But even if your store is on the newer or smaller side, you may be surprised how many customers would pick up a gift card for their friends or family.

People enjoy supporting local businesses, so they might prefer to buy a gift card rather than purchasing a whiskey or wine that their friend might not enjoy. 

Just get into the habit of asking a buyer if they’re interested in purchasing a gift card at the end of every sale. You’d be surprised how many customers will take you up on your offer.


Do you have a novelty liqueur that you just can’t seem to unload? Maybe you’ve got a couple cases of a peanut butter-flavored whiskey that isn’t selling the way you’d hoped. Don’t throw it away; throw it in a bundle!

A woman takes inventory, trying to decide which bottles to sell in a bundle, one of Cheers POS' liquor store promotion ideas

A bundle is another one of our liquor store promotion ideas, and it’s a great way to repackage your underselling liquor. Head to the dollar store, grab some tinsel, a few baskets, and some candy.

Place the novelty liquor in the basket with the candy and tinsel, call it a “Christmas Gift Basket,” and you can sell it as a last-minute gift idea. This will make the product more appealing to passing customers, and it reframes the liquor as a fun, low-commitment treat rather than a staple that they need in their liquor cabinet.

White Elephant

White elephant is a holiday tradition that sees people blindly selecting and swapping purposefully outlandish gifts. It’s difficult to find a gift that is kooky but still valuable; you don’t want anyone throwing out their present as soon as the party is over.

A liquor store can promote some of their more bizarrely flavored liquors as a white elephant gift. While many people love the flavor of a pickle-infused vodka, others might be thrown off by the very idea. Use this apprehension to your advantage.

Display a bottle of your more strangely flavored liquor on a table in your store, and decorate the table with a sign that reads, “White Elephant options for your holiday party.” You might see people pick up a bottle out of curiosity alone.

Mystery Bags

Liquor store promotion ideas can be subtler, too. You could wrap a bottle of liquor in tissue paper so customers can’t read the label. Market this bottle as a “mystery bottle.”

If a customer asks for more information about the contents of the bottle, you could describe the flavor as “unique” or “outlandish.” Mystery bags are a great way to silently incentivize your customers to pick up a product. The sillier the bottle, the better.


There are few alcoholic beverages more closely associated with the holiday spirit than a nice bottle of wine. And while you’re certainly already doing your best to promote your wine selection, you can still use the holiday season as a way to sell a few extra cases.

A woman examines a bottle of wine, brought in by liquor store promotion ideas

Frame the holiday season as a chance to educate your customers about wine. For instance, most people don’t know that you can pair chocolate with white wine as well as red.

Never miss an opportunity to strike up a conversation with your customers. Be informative, but not pushy. If they tell you about a party they’re hosting, take the time to casually make a few recommendations about the right wine for their occasion.


You may want to try to sell a few non-consumable products as well. Put together a set of shakers, shot glasses, and stirrers as “the ultimate starter pack for mixologists.” Throw in some mixing ingredients, like bitters and garnishes, and you have the perfect “holiday drink gift set.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to sell a few miscellaneous options, like gift bags. When someone is buying a nice bottle of wine for their boss, they’ll probably want a classy gift bag to present it with. You might not have considered offering gift bags as a part of your holiday lineup, but they could be a convenient option for your customers. 

Looking for More Liquor Store Promotion Ideas?

If you’re excited about liquor store promotion ideas, we’d love for you to let us know. We’re always excited to talk about ways to optimize your sales, including our Cheers POS system. Running your own business is lots of work, but we have tools to help things run a little smoother.

We can offer you more information about how our product works, or you can reach out to get started yourself. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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