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Can I Ship Liquor?

Can I Ship Liquor? Here’s What You Need to Know as a Liquor Store Owner

Helpful Tips & Resources | September 6, 2023 | ll_cheers

Since you stumbled across this blog, it’s safe to assume you know the importance of offering shipping services as a liquor store. Just about everything can be shipped to your door––yes, even liquor! If you’re scouring the internet looking for an answer to: can I ship liquor? We’re here to tell you: yes, you absolutely can!

At Cheers POS, we keep up with the trends so that our clients––you––can also keep up with the trends and make your business thrive. Our all-in-one liquor store POS can help you do this with the latest shipping feature. 

How does the shipping feature work?

Just like all of the other features in a high-end point of sale system, such as inventory management and invoicing and reporting for example, shipping within your POS is there when you need it and is a major game changer! 

It meets your customers’ needs.

The liquor store shipping integration allows you to accept orders via multiple channels: in person, online, and over the phone. You will also be able to accept multiple forms of payment to accommodate the needs of all your customers!

It offers competitive rates.

One of our biggest priorities is providing you and your customers with competitive, fast shipping rates so that they never have to go anywhere else for their shipping needs. By marketing that you offer shipping on your business’s website and through word of mouth, you should be one of the top options in the neighborhood for someone asking “how to ship alcohol.” 

It allows for bundling, packaging, and labeling.

A liquor shipping feature in your POS system can also offer product bundling, multiple packaging options, and label printing to accommodate your customers’ different shipping needs. Based on the rates a customer chooses for a carrier, you’ll be able to box the products up, print the label, and get it sent to the correct carrier. 

It integrates with other features.

The only way for an all-in-one POS system to actually be all-in-one is if its features all work seamlessly together––and they do! Our inventory management, credit card processing, and invoicing and reporting systems (just to name a few) all work hand-in-hand with the shipping feature to make keeping track of shipping, inventory, and reports a breeze. No more wasting time tracking down invoices, reports, and missing products!

Can I ship liquor…legally? 

Yes! Shipping liquor is perfectly legal when you follow all your local regulations, which brings us to our next segment: tips on dabbling with shipping liquor. 

Tips for shipping liquor

  • Know the laws

If you’re in Kansas or Missouri, it is legal to ship alcohol in-state if you have the proper 

licensing; out-of-state liquor shipping, however, is not allowed. If you don’t reside in either of these states, make sure you check with your local government! 

  • Check shipping regulations and requirements

Right now, UPS, FedEx, and DHL are the carriers that accommodate alcohol shipments. 

Each of them have different regulations and requirements when it comes to who they work with for liquor shipping. 

There are––yes––more regulations when it comes to shipping alcohol. Make sure 

you have all the right packaging materials to be able to ship bottles safely and properly. 

Use these resources and tools to ship alcohol 

  • Market your alcohol shipping service

Get the word out! Tell your customers that you’re offering shipping, create signage, post about it on social media, and add information about it to your website. Do anything you can think of to advertise your new service!

Try the all-in-one Cheers POS system

Now that you have an answer to “can I ship liquor?”, it’s time to start saving valuable time and money with the Cheers POS system––get a quote for your liquor store. 

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