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Switching liquor store POS systems

8 Signs It’s Time To Switch Your Liquor Store POS System

Industry Insights | November 4, 2022 | ll_cheers

As a liquor store owner, switching liquor store POS systems can help define the success of your business. But there are a lot of liquor store owners who simply don’t know there are better ways of managing their business. 

In working with liquor store owners across the region, we’ve taken note of the many pain points they’ve experienced with other POS systems like EZ4U or EZSpirits. While these big players have paved the way for innovation in the industry, we wanted to take things a step further. It’s with this in mind that we’ve built a custom solution that makes managing their liquor store easier.  

Cheers POS is a modern and innovative approach to the conventional liquor store POS system. We’ve taken our background as liquor store owners and produced a solution based on good design and scalable software that works on behalf of the liquor store owner. If you find yourself in need of switching liquor store POS systems, Cheers POS can help you manage your store and ensure customer satisfaction. A real-world demonstration of Cheers POS is all it can take to make the necessary changes.

We’ve written 8 telltale signs that it may be time to consider switching liquor store POS systems, all of which Cheers POS can resolve. Let’s take a look.

Sign #1: Your Customers Aren’t As Satisfied As They Should Be

Pew Research has reported that 85% of Americans use a smartphone, most of which have the capability of producing cashless transactions. As major smartphone companies continue to advance their products year after year, we’re safe in assuming that this percentage will continue to increase.

So what does it say about your current liquor store POS system if it isn’t capable of offering your customers cashless payments?

According to the World Economic Forum, in “less than a decade, the share of Americans who go ‘cashless’ in a typical week has increased by double digits. Today, roughly four-in-ten Americans (41%) say none of their purchases in a typical week are paid for using cash, up from 29% in 2018.” On the other hand, “the portion of Americans who say that all or almost all of their purchases are paid for using cash in a typical week has steadily decreased.”

To be fair, Americans continue to use cash for everyday purchases, and liquor store purchases are no exception. But if the trend towards cashless transactions continues upward, and your current liquor POS system is not capable of meeting their technological demand, well, that’s a problem for your business. And this can have a significant impact on your customers’ experience and satisfaction.

But there is a solution to this problem and it begins with an integration of Cheers POS into your liquor store.

Cheers POS has the capacity to accept a wide range of cashless transactions from major brands and operating systems like:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Google
  • Android

With a cashless transaction capability, your customers are much more likely to give you their business because they know that your check out experience is timely and efficient, preventing them from having to fumble through their wallets and purses.

A cashless experience also promotes the sense that your store is in tune with your tech-savvy customers. This might seem like small potatoes, but we’re dealing with hearts, minds, and wallets, here. Your customers need to know, at their core, that your liquor store has them in mind.

A modern liquor store POS system like Cheers is your key to keeping your customers around. And what liquor store owner doesn’t want that?

Sign #2: You’re Still Managing Your Store

We should say up front that we’re not saying you should suddenly stop managing your liquor store. We both know that would be a disaster. But what we are suggesting is that you should take a hard look at how your current liquor store POS system is helping you manage your business, if at all.

We’ll start with a few questions to see how things shake out:

  • Could switching liquor store POS systems help you manage your inventory?
  • Does it manage wholesale products and deliveries?
  • Does it help manage product pricing?
  • Is it easy for your floor staff to operate and maintain?
  • Does it enable you to focus less on the liquor store POS system itself and more on your customers?

If your answer to these questions is “no,” this is yet another sign that switching liquor store POS systems might be in your best interest.

Cheers, Take The Wheel

Cheers POS was designed to be an all-encompassing solution that puts the most valuable asset on the planet back into your business: time. Without it, you have the potential to lose both profits and customer trust, and those two things can be really difficult to win back.

At the outset, Cheers is meant to take your inventory management and double the work you could do on your own. It does this by automating your product flow based on every transaction, giving you a complete overview of what’s in your store and what’s going out. The days of clip boards and pencil shavings are officially over.

A Powerful Collaboration

Your liquor store management takes another step forward when you consider the powerful collaboration between Cheers POS and Monarch Inventory. Monarch is a leading provider in inventory management solutions for liquor stores, so a partnership felt natural. This collaboration means that your liquor store can be even further separated from your competition.

A simple survey of your store through Cheers POS, with a Monarch integration, can help you identify what your customers are looking for at a moment’s notice. This also makes for a more time-saving experience when training your floor staff the ways of Cheers POS. Employees can easily access the necessary product information to provide immediate and effective customer service, as well as understand how Monarch is managing inventory on the backend.

From the ground up, Cheers POS was built to save you time. You have only so much of it and we’re giving it back to you with a liquor store POS system that is quite a game changer in a ground-breaking collaboration.

Sign #3: Your Hardware Looks Like A Prop From Weird Science

If your current liquor store POS system looks like it could create a fictitious 1980’s supermodel with otherworldly superpowers, you’re doing it wrong. It’s nostalgic, and hilarious, but still wrong. Cheers POS takes a conventional liquor store POS system like EZSpirits and turns it into the modern centerpiece of your store, where all of your business management can live and grow.

For example, Cheers POS’ hardware can be fully customized based on your preferences, including the credit card processing hardware. You can involve us in this process as much–or as little–as you would like. Either way, we’re to help you integrate Cheers POS into your liquor store.

In terms of hardware, Cheers POS comes with two packages that are designed to offer you everything you need to manage your liquor store. 

The Uncork Package

The Uncork Package is a base level hardware integration that can get you up and running immediately. It’s ideal for smaller liquor stores that need a basic level of store and product management that can grow with you as your store flourishes.

The Professional Package

This is Uncork’ big brother. The Professional Package includes everything in the Uncork package and then some, including all the latest and greatest hardware peripherals that can advance your business management in more detail. 

To learn more about the hardware peripherals our packages include and how they can help you operate your liquor store, request a demonstration and we’ll be happy to get you set up!

Sign #4: Your Software Has Digital Cobwebs

Struggling to make simple upgrades, like migrating to Windows 10 on EZ4U? The last thing your liquor store POS system needs to be is a relic of the internet past. You deserve better than that, and so do your customers. Cheers POS is more than just a couple pieces of good hardware–it’s a sleek and versatile digital experience that takes liquor store management to new heights. 

Cheers POS’ software works to give you a detailed understanding of your liquor store’s operation. Here’s a couple examples of what Cheers POS’ software can do:

Invoicing and Reporting

You know as well as we do that to run a successful liquor store, everything needs to be documented. But how do we manage all of this store data in an easily accessible and digestible way? Cheers POS has you covered.

Cheers POS was designed to help you navigate your store’s data in a way that is easy to understand to share with your staff. This gives your store an edge on how to better produce sales and customer service.

Purchase Order Automation

What makes Cheers POS so unique as a liquor store POS system is that it can automatically connect purchase orders to your store’s invoicing and reporting. How cool is that?

As an example, let’s say that you’re running low on Gentleman Jack but you’re not quite sure how much to stock given the fluctuations of the product’s sales. Cheers POS can not only give you an insight as to how much product you have on hand, it also gives you a detailed sales history. This is incredibly valuable information because you’re now able to make predictions on how much product you need to meet your customers’ demand.

Data Transfer

It gets even better when you realize that all of the data stored on your slowly decaying POS system is easily transferable to Cheers POS. Yes, you read that right. You aren’t stuck where you are, and we can help you make the change. Cheers POS is fully capable of taking every piece of information from your current POS and compiling it in a fresh and accessible way. 

Welcome to the future, friend. We’re glad you’re here.

Sign #5: Your POS Is Your Enemy

If your liquor store is a mountain, and your liquor store POS system is your oxygen supply, how much further do you have to go until you’ve exhausted your oxygen supply and you have to make the trek back down?

Cheers POS is your on-going supply of oxygen that keeps your store climbing.

We’ve mentioned the valuable reporting and automation that Cheers POS is capable of, but it doesn’t end there. Those capabilities are flexible and can be scaled to help you sustain the growth of your business. As your sales go up, so does Cheers’ ability to help you manage this thrilling growth.

With Cheers POS, you’re not stuck in a situation where you’re praying to make it to the next base camp. Instead, you have a reliable guide to the summit of business management.

Sign #6: You Don’t Have An IT Nerd

Let’s say your current liquor store POS system breaks down. You ask your floor staff what happened and they don’t have a sufficient answer, so you contact your POS hotline for help. It’s in this moment that you know exactly what’s about to happen:

You’re going to be on this phone call for a long time, and that’s time, money, and energy gone to waste.

The thing about Cheers POS is that we love being technical nerds for our customers, and we have multiple support avenues to come to your aid should anything go wrong. Whether you need us over the phone, or you need us to do a screen-share session to walk you through a technical problem step by step, we’re here to help.

Sign #7: Your Customers Aren’t Being Rewarded

Your customers have entrusted you with the responsibility of providing them with quality service and products. That’s a big risk on their part–not because you don’t have a good business but because it’s a matter of trust. They deserve to be rewarded for that.

Cheers POS has the capacity to reward your most loyal customers by giving them cash back on every transaction. This not only makes them feel valued, but it keeps them coming back to your store instead of the other liquor stores in your area.

Even more, you can also send text messages to your customers, notifying them when they’re online orders are ready for pickup or when they’re favorite products are back in stock.

These features can set your liquor store incredibly far apart from the rest.

Sign #8: You (Still) Don’t Have A Website

We’ve mentioned a lot of important things for you to consider about switching liquor store POS systems, but this might be chief among them.

Cheers POS has the ability to integrate with an e-commerce platform like Shopify, which means that your customers have constant access to your products both day and night. What’s more, when customers make online purchases, Cheers POS will automatically update your inventory so that your store data is accurate on both ends. This gives you and your customers the knowledge of what you do and don’t have in your liquor store.

When you’re ready to build your online store, we can help you design it and press all the right buttons, or you can take the driver’s seat and we’ll be a helping hand when we’re needed. 

Whatever the case, Cheers POS is here to support your business at every step.

Want to see it in action? Request a demo!

Switching liquor store POS systems can be a big undertaking, so we’re not going to pressure you into it. But when you’re ready, simply request a demo and see what it feels like to have everything you need at your fingertips. 

We are headquartered in St. Mary’s, KS, but we serve clients all over the country. Travel is always included in each of our packages, and we can’t wait to come check out your store. So, invite us over, and start living in the world where switching liquor store POS systems is just one more thing to toast to!