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Liquor Store Management Software

5 Liquor Store Management Software Features That Will Get Your Store Summer-Ready

Helpful Tips & Resources | March 31, 2023 | ll_cheers

Spring is here, meaning we’re off to the races to get our liquor stores ready for summer traffic. Business may have slowed down after the holidays, but chances are you’re still too busy to handle all the items on your to-do list before the start of summer. 

At Cheers POS, we know how time consuming running a liquor store can be. We’re all too familiar with the day-to-day challenges that a generic POS system can’t solve.

That’s why we’ve created an all-in-one liquor store management software to do the tedious work and problem-solving for you. This way, you can use this valuable time that the software’s features save you for being a trusted resource to your customers!

Feature #1: Inventory Management System 

The most important step for getting your liquor store ready for summer is managing your inventory. Our liquor store management software has a built-in inventory management system. When our software is installed, you will first scan all of your products into the system. 

Once the initial scanning and counting is completed, your inventory will start counting itself. Each time an item is purchased, returned, or reported “damaged”, your system will automatically update with the new count.  

Preparing for summer

Many new beverages and other products launch during the summer. You will need to update your liquor store inventory for your summer traffic. 

Get rid of old or out-of-season product 

If you have fall or winter product, it’s time to clear that out. Your Christmas beer probably isn’t going to sell in July. A Bomb Pop seltzer, however, most likely will! 

There are a few ways to clear out product you no longer need:

  • Put them on clearance
  • Put together mystery bags of product to sell or give away
  • Take them home for yourself or give them to family and friends

If you decide on the clearance or mystery bag route, you can put “tags” on these specific items in the system to keep track of those specific sales.

Feature #2: Liquor Distributor Integration  

Another feature of our liquor store management software is our liquor distributor integration.  This gives you the ability to access the best distributors. 

As Midwestern liquor store owners, we’ve had the opportunity to develop relationships with many major distributors, and we definitely aren’t keeping secrets from our valuable customers. 

In our software, we’ve integrated direct pricing from distributors, allowing you to make informed purchase decisions and directly send these purchase orders to these reputable distributors: 

Feature #3: Invoicing & Reporting 

As if the software couldn’t make preparing for the summer boom any easier, it also includes an invoicing and reporting system. You don’t have to be an expert number cruncher to be able to make sense of these automatically compiled reports. 

Category Sales Report

This is the report you’ll want to pay the most attention to for summer preparation purposes. It exhibits the profits being collected from each product category (i.e. soda, liquor, snacks) and can be broken down by timeframe. 

With this report, you can figure out which product hasn’t been moving and then base purchasing and clearance decisions off of that

Playing a guessing game as a liquor store owner isn’t a good strategy. It’s important to make informed decisions using the available resources our all-in-one liquor store management software provides. 

Feature #4: Purchase Order Automation 

Another decision these reports easily help you make is setting up purchase order automation. The time to purchase more product for your shelves comes around quickly, especially during the busier summer months.

With purchase order automation, you’re able to view how well a certain product has sold, any promotion history, and whether or not you have promised bottles to a customer. All of this data is kept track in one, easily accessible place. 

If you notice that summer seltzers or fruit-infused vodka are flying off the shelves, you might consider setting up purchase order automation. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about manually ordering in the midst of everything else you have going on. 

Feature #5: Integrated Credit Card Processing System 

You might be wondering what an integrated credit card processing system has to do with preparing your liquor store for the summer. 

With our liquor store management software’s built-in credit card processing system, you can

  • Choose your credit card processor (from our credible list)
  • Ensure you and your customers are safe from fraud
  • Accept payments via EMV chips, contactless NFC, Apple/Samsung Pay, card swipes, cash, gift cards, and checks 
  • Access the system on a range of different devices (you can remotely access it to make immediate changes) 
  • Give customers the ability to split payments between multiple different methods 

Both you and your customers will benefit from having a secure and effective method of accepting payment during the busy season. With the versatility of the system, you can get customers in and out quickly and certainly coming back!

Offsetting credit card processing fees

Unfortunately, if you’re accepting credit card payments, credit card processing fees are inevitable. However, with our expert guide on how to offset credit card processing fees, you can put some of these tips to use and save some cash!

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Try it out

These 5 features are guaranteed to change your life as a liquor store owner, plus they’re only a piece of what we do at Cheers POS

If you want to build a sustainable business starting this spring and summer, it begins with an all-in-one liquor store management software that offers all of the services you need. 

You don’t have to commit right now—Request a free demo! Our team would be happy to have you see for yourself what the best POS system for liquor stores has to offer.

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