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Best POS System for Liquor Stores

5 Characteristics to Look for in the Best POS System for Liquor Stores

Helpful Tips & Resources | March 31, 2023 | ll_cheers

A common mistake that liquor store owners make is choosing just any point-of-sale system for their liquor store without doing any research. 

Generic POS systems that were made for all retail establishments won’t have the key components that will help you productively manage your liquor store. 

At Cheers POS, we decided—as liquor store people—to create a liquor store POS system for liquor store people. 

Using our expertise, we’ve compiled a list of 5 characteristics to look for in the best POS system for liquor stores.   

1. The Best POS system for liquor stores is all-in-one 

What do we mean by this? When we say all-in-one, we mean that the liquor store management software already has everything you need integrated in it. 

You won’t have to purchase or download any internal services to make your life easier. One of our favorite features is the automatic liquor store inventory management system. 

The best part is, our system is customizable to meet the needs of your specific store. 

Once we get the system all set up in your liquor store, you’re ready to start running your business better than ever before. 

What’s included in the all-in-one software? 

2. The Best POS system for liquor stores was created by liquor store people

The people who developed the best POS system are those who have been on the ground running a liquor store. In order to be fully aware of what goes into managing a liquor store, you need to have personal experience with all the chaos and moving parts.

We wouldn’t trust just anyone to come up with an intuitive POS system, and you probably wouldn’t either. Edgar Rada, Founder of Cheers POS started helping his dad with his liquor store from the time he was 17. 

Edgar, as a liquor store manager himself, identified the major issues of managing a liquor store and decided to solve them with an all-in-one POS solution. 

3. The Best POS system for liquor stores has excellent customer service

Customer service is another important piece in a liquor store POS system. When taking on any new technology, you’re going to have questions. A lot of them. Being able to talk to a real person who actually listens, is compassionate, and helpful changes the game.

At Cheers POS, a huge part of our mission is excellent customer care. Whether you need product demos, walkthroughs, training, installations, or answers to your questions, our support team is here for you! 

4. The Best POS system for liquor stores takes feedback 

When we say it’s important to have excellent customer service, we also mean it’s important the POS company takes customer feedback. 

You as a liquor store owner are who they are working for. If you have suggestions on how they can improve their system to make their customers’ lives easier, don’t hesitate to tell them. 

A great POS company will have representatives who are receptive to feedback and grateful for it!

We are always implementing our clients’ feedback at Cheers POS. The industry is ever-changing; we want to accommodate our clients in all ways possible!

Give us feedback

5. The Best POS system for liquor stores has no hidden fees

It may not be the lowest priced option, but the company will not tack on any hidden fees for training, installation, walkthroughs, extras, etc. 

A great liquor store POS company will tell you what your costs are up front and those costs will not change. You can trust Cheers POS to be upfront and always provide free training, demos, installations, and more.

Don’t settle

As people who know the industry well, we know how important it is to have a POS system that makes running your business smoother. Plus, it’s nice to have peace of mind that you can get quality support any time you need it! 

You’re never on your own with Cheers POS on your side. Call us or send us a message, we’re happy to help.

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