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Wholesale POS

5 Reasons You Should Consider a Wholesale POS

Helpful Tips & Resources | April 26, 2023 | ll_cheers

If you’re looking for a wholesale POS system, hopefully you’re not at the point where you’re overwhelmed and desperate for relief. We hope you’re simply ready to make your wholesale business processes more efficient. 

Either way, we have your back at Cheers POS. When business is booming and your old tricks aren’t working, you can count on us for a solution: a wholesale POS system

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider implementing a wholesale POS system. 

1. It saves you time

As business owners, we recognize that time equals money. What if we told you that a wholesale POS saves you hours of work?

As per the law, all club and bar sales have to be reported to the state at the end of each month. Without an automated POS, you have to fill out these reports by hand.  

These reports are called on-premise sales reports, and they include:

  • What you sold
  • Who you sold it to
  • Your liquor license information 

This is a lot of information to write down for each individual customer you have.

But, a wholesale POS system automatically fills these reports in with the right data. Your only job is to double-check the data and sign it! After that, it’s ready for the state.  

Besides the on-premise sales report, there are several other wholesale reports you have access to, including invoices and category sales reports. These show you all the sales data you may need to make better purchasing decisions. 

All of the time you may have otherwise spent writing and compiling these reports is yours to spend on improving your business. 

2. It allows for wholesale account personalization 

Every wholesale account you have is different—the bars, restaurants, and clubs will all have unique needs. 

A wholesale POS allows you to personalize each account with usual products, pricing, scheduling, etc.

For each of your customers, you have the ability to decide your sale price for all the products. You can choose tier pricing for one customer and case pricing for another, plus you can make changes anytime. 

The more you get to know your customers and are open to a game of trial and error, the easier these decisions will become. 

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3. The customer’s ordering process is simple 

The ordering process through the POS is easy for your customer and for you and your employees! 

The club, bar, or restaurant can place an order via the phone or online, and it will register through the POS. 

You will then be able to print a pull ticket to take around the store and locate the products ordered. 

If you don’t see what you need for the order or enough of what you need, you can make a note to order more. 

4. It integrates with other systems 

Wholesale management isn’t the only piece to the puzzle; invoicing and reporting, purchase order automation, and inventory management are important pieces, too!  

With all of these systems working together, you will have all the tools you need to make smarter business decisions. 

Invoicing and reporting

The invoicing and reporting system shows you all your sales reports, inventory reports, and invoices. Don’t worry—you won’t have to be an expert with numbers to make sense of these reports!

Purchase order automation

The purchase order automation system helps you make educated decisions when purchasing an order. Once you’ve made a purchase, this system moves it directly into the invoicing system in which you can reconcile or adjust. 

This new data will be reflected in your invoices and reporting, inventory management, and wholesale management systems! 

Inventory management 

The inventory management system automatically reports your inventory. With wholesale inventory management, all of your product will be accounted for. 

Every product that’s purchased, damaged, or returned will be automatically updated in the system. 

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5. It serves as a guide

Ultimately, a wholesale POS will serve as your guide. It will hold all the data and information you need to make future wholesale decisions. 

  • Working with a bar that is similar to one you’ve worked with prior? Pull up that account and see the past deal you made. 
  • Don’t remember what information is included on a specific report? There are previous automated reports available to you. 
  • Not sure how much Jack Daniel’s you should order to accommodate wholesale and retail? Check the reports! 

The information is always right at your fingertips. 

Let our wholesale POS guide you 

At Cheers POS, our all-in-one point-of-sale system can help guide you through wholesale decision making and so much more!

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