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point of sale company

A Point of Sale Company for You

POS System & Features | September 6, 2022 | ll_cheers

It takes one to know one, they say. Honestly, we couldn’t agree more, especially in the sense of being liquor store owners ourselves. We know quite well what fellow liquor store owners want, which is usually chaos-free technology that helps you get the job done.

After growing frustrated with the cloud-based POS options out there, as a point of sale company we decided to take our liquor stores to the next level by creating Cheers POS, an all-in-one solution for all the headaches we had previously endured.

Living on a cloud

We designed our point of sale company, Cheers POS, with efficiency and scalability in mind. This means not having to jump between different software platforms or worrying about losing business and customer data along the way.

Additionally, we pushed Cheers POS to be a solution for scalability. As our businesses grew, we were able to stabilize this growth through more efficient workflows. We’re not spending countless hours managing inventory and distribution. Instead, we now have an extra set of hands through Cheers POS that we simply didn’t have otherwise.

And all of this lives securely in the cloud, ready to manage at a moment’s notice.

Made For A Customer’s Experience

While we were excited to have something that could change the way we operated our stores, we knew that customer satisfaction is critical for how we continued to build Cheers POS. And this became a unique challenge because we’re a point of sale company whose customers have customers of their own. So we’re having to think about this from a very high level of customer experience.

But the answer to all of this was quite simple: make the customer feel like more than a customer.

One of the ways Cheers POS does this is by giving your customers incentives to keep coming back to your store, whether it’s through communication about online orders, or cash back rewards on certain products. Cheers POS also implements customer profiles that can be used to be a kind of concierge service, providing better recommendations to customers based on their purchase history and making them feel heard about their interests. All of this results in greater trust and loyalty on the part of the customer.

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We’re Still Going

We’ve come a long way as a point of sale company and this doesn’t even begin to cover the milestones we’ve seen on our end. And this excites us because it means that more milestones are just ahead.

Integrating Cheers POS into your liquor store’s operation can be a really rewarding experience when you know that you have a POS that is working on your behalf, not the other way around. This is a value that we’ll continue to focus on as we work with liquor store owners to manage their businesses.

Try Us Out

Cheers POS has you in mind. We’re here to make your business easier to manage and to give your customers the positive experience they deserve.

If you’re ready to try us out, then tell us a little bit more about your business, and we can set up a demo that will allow you to try out the intuitive design of the best POS system for small liquor store owners. Request a demo now, and see what it feels like to have everything you need at your fingertips.