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liquor store POS

Don’t Look Any Further | 5 Reasons You Want Cheers POS As Your Liquor Store POS System

Industry Insights | August 1, 2022 | ll_cheers

Your time is valuable, but in the wine and spirit industry, there are so many ways to waste it. From manual inventory management to filling out ABC forms to reaching out to wholesalers, time can slip away from you in aggravating ways. We know that you know there’s a better way. That better way has arrived. 

Say hello to Cheers POS. We are a liquor store POS system created with you, the store owner, in mind. The last thing we want to do is waste your time. In fact, our goal is to streamline your services so you never waste a second again. With that in mind, let’s dive into 5 ways Cheers POS is the solution to your wine and spirit management. 

1. Our liquor store POS is all-in-one

Remember how we said Cheers POS streamlines all your services into one easy-to-use point-of-sale? Well, let’s talk some more about that. 

With Cheers POS on your side, there’s no need to go anywhere else for any of your needs. When you invest in Cheers POS for your business, you’re investing in these services at your fingertips:

Integrated credit card processing

It’s pretty simple; you choose your credit card processor with the help (or not, it’s totally up to you) of our unparalleled customer service, and our cloud-based platform allows you to accept fast and secure cash and card payments. It’s integrated credit card processing at its best!

Hardware and peripherals

If you choose to use our hardware, we’ll gladly provide you with all the necessary pieces, help you set it up and install your software, and train you and your employees on how to use it.


If you’d rather find hardware that works best for your store on your own, we’ll set you up with a list of recommendations. Just know we’re always on standby to answer any questions or offer a helping hand.

Invoices and reporting

Without a proper, all-in-one liquor store POS in place, it can often feel like you’re playing a guessing game. Our comprehensive invoicing and reporting system tracks sales reports, inventory reports, employee time logs, register logs, and more.

All of this data is easily accessible to you at any point in time so that you can make informed decisions about hiring, ordering, and anything else you might need. 

Inventory management

Ah, yes. Purchasing, ordering, and tracking inventory—a liquor store owner’s most beloved part of the job (said no liquor store owner ever). Cheers POS turns inventory management from a frustrating guessing game to a powerful, easy-to-use resource. Some of the tools you’ll have available to you when you go with Cheers POS include:

  • Advanced reporting for daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly sales reports
  • A live view of your markups and margins
  • Easily see your total inventory value
  • Detailed inventory loss reporting and documenting
  • Built-in purchase order creation
  • Sophisticated keg management system

Purchase order automations

Remember all that talk about Cheers POS saving you time and money? Our purchase order automation system has a lot to do with that. Created with wine and spirit owners specifically in mind, this function of Cheers POS system moves your purchase orders directly into your invoicing system to reconcile or adjust! You’re welcome 😇

Wholesale management

You want the info on the products you’re ordering wholesale? You got it. Cheers POS shows you a robust collection of data regarding potential wholesale purchases. This way, before making an order, you can take into account how well it sells, its promotion history at your store, and more. 

Distributor integrations

We have relationships with some of the top wine and liquor distributors around. When you invest in Cheers POS, you get to enjoy the advantages of those relationships! 

Distributor integration with Cheers POS means you have easy access to a list of products from top distributors set at the best prices. When you’re ready to buy, it’s just a click away. Our integration means there’s no middleman. Your order goes straight to the distributor. 

2. You choose what you want

We offer two approaches when transferring over to our liquor store POS so you can customize your experience with Cheers POS.

The first of the two is the Pro Package. With this approach, we’ll be with you every step of the way. You can let go of your worries and let us handle it from start to finish. The scope of this package means we’ll travel to you, install and set up the hardware, and train your employees for up to 2.5 days on how to use it. We also offer readily available customer service for if you’re ever feeling a little stuck.

The second option for integration is DIY. You choose how much or how little you want us to be involved. With this approach, you can decide which services you’d like us to perform, such as training or integration, and which ones you’d rather do yourself. We’re not here to get in your way, but we’ll always be on stand-by in case you have any questions or want to add a service.

Both of these options always include a 2-year warranty, no questions asked. 

3. We make integration easy 

You’re in charge here. You choose how much, if any, of your old inventory you’d like to bring over. If you want to bring over your old inventory, it’s super easy to integrate your data onto the new system.

Looking for a fresh start, a clean slate? We can do that, too. Cheers POS has an abundant built-in inventory library. All you have to do is scan the physical items, and the system will integrate that into your new inventory.

With this feature, you can “clear the shelves,” so to speak, of all the dusty, unused inventory items from years past. Each time you have a new inventory item, simply scan it into the system, and it will be waiting there for your checkout person to select when your customers come running for it. 

4. This is a modern liquor store POS

Our liquor store POS system is not for the folks who want their business to stay still. We grow and change with the times. Innovation is rapid in the liquor store industry, and if you don’t keep up, you’re out. That’s why we offer modern features to accommodate the changing industry.

For example, our system include non-alcoholic beverages and items, and easily allows cashiers to break packages.

Many of the features of our system have come about because of feedback from customers like you! When you choose Cheers POS, you’re investing in a constantly updating, innovative process that always keeps you in mind. 

Additionally, being a modern liquor store point of sale means we don’t penalize you for having a thriving business. We won’t charge you for seats or the number of devices logged into the system, there’s no limit on employees, and we don’t charge for licensing either. Now that’s something to toast to 🍻

5. We are liquor store people

The history of Cheers POS is rooted in your neighborhood liquor store. When founder Edgar Rada was a teenager, he spent afternoons and weekends helping his dad with inventory, sales, and invoicing at his liquor store in St. Mary’s, Kansas. 


Edgar learned firsthand how chaotic liquor store management can be. He wanted a solution, a device that would let you do payroll, order wholesale, and manage your sales all in one place. Thus, Cheers POS was born, as most good ideas are, surrounded by lots of booze.

The point is: we know liquor stores because we are liquor store people. We decided to address some of the biggest problems in the liquor store POS industry because we know how frustrating it is to work around them. We founded Cheers POS on a drive to simplify and expedite your liquor store management. That’s what makes it the best POS system for small liquor store owners and big corporations, too.

We’ve talked with the big players. We’ve sat down with them over dinner (and drinks 😉) to discuss the issues. We may not have been around the longest, but we know what we’re talking about, and we’re not all talk, either. It’s time invest in a liquor store POS that will make it simple, easy, and efficient to run your business. 

Ready to see more? Request a demo!

You don’t have to jump blindly. We’re the kind of people who like to have all the information before we take that leap. If you are, too, then tell us a little bit more about your business, and we can set up a demo that will allow you to try out the intuitive design of Cheers POS. Request a demo now, and see what it feels like to have everything you need at your fingertips. 

We are headquartered in St. Mary’s, KS, but we serve clients all over the country. Travel is always included in each of our packages, and we can’t wait to come check out your store. So, invite us over, and let the good times roll.