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liquor store POS upgrade

Liquor Store POS Upgrade | 3 Common Concerns

Industry Insights | January 4, 2023 | ll_cheers

Upgrading your liquor store POS is a huge decision. Afterall, we’re sure there are things you love about your current system. As liquor store owners ourselves, we’re equally sure there are things you hate about it. If you’re interested in a better liquor store POS solution that takes into account all your needs, you’ve likely thought about upgrading. 

Cheers POS is a POS system company built by liquor store owners for liquor store owners. We think that makes us qualified to discuss 3 reasons you should carefully consider your upgrade, when and if you choose to go that route. 


Of course, one of the biggest reasons to stick with what you’ve got instead of going for a liquor store POS upgrade is cost. The fear of incurring a large bill oftentimes keeps store owners from modernizing their systems. 

With Cheers, there are many ways to save money during your upgrade, including salvaging your original hardware. Our main priority is doing what’s best for you and your company, so if that means sticking with some original scanners and screens, we can do that. 

Additionally, with our get a quote tool, you won’t have any surprises when it comes to cost. And our free demo allows you to truly be sure the switch is worth your investment.

Changing Features

One of the biggest concerns amongst industry leaders when switching POS systems is learning the features of a new system. This concern makes total sense, especially considering time is money in the liquor industry, and not many store owners have heaps of it to throw around.

Cheers POS is an easy-to-learn system, with virtually all of the same features as big players in the industry. There’s very little risk of losing features or time when upgrading to Cheers. However, there is an opportunity to gain something. 

Investing in Cheers means investing in the most modern, up-to-date liquor store POS out there. We constantly learn from customers like you, and upgrade our own services in response. 

Additionally, one of the benefits of upgrading to Cheers POS is a lifetime service of world-class customer support. We never put limitations on how many times you can call, so if you need a refresher on one of the new functions, you can always count on us to help.

Downtime & Loss of Business

No liquor store owner wants to have to shut down business for any amount of time. Not only will it negatively impact sales, but it may look bad to customers. Luckily, with a liquor store POS upgrade to Cheers POS, you will never lose any business from downtime.

Our liquor store POS onboarding process takes as little as half a day to complete, with training happening with live customers. We’ll never ask you to shut down.

Request a Demo Now!

Want to see what Cheers can do for you before taking the leap? No problem, we would too! That’s why we offer a free demo of how our POS system is a solution to all your liquor store needs. 

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