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Electronic inventory management

Top 3 Ways the Cheers POS Electronic Inventory Management Helps Your Business

Helpful Tips & Resources | May 24, 2023 | ll_cheers

Inventory management is the most important part of running a liquor business, yet it tends to be the least favorable. All the late nights you pull to count and find where missing product has gone are over. With electronic inventory management via our all-in-one system at Cheers POS, you can count on a full night’s sleep. 

We’re going to cover 3 ways that our POS inventory management system can help your liquor store business!

1. Saves you time 

Ah yes, the most valuable asset you have as a business owner. Having an automated inventory management system saves you time you may otherwise be spending tracking down products and trying to make sense of the numbers. With an automated system, you’ll be able to see everything that’s purchased, returned, or damaged/broken in one place. 

2. Saves you money

Ever heard of the phrase time is money? Sure you have—and it’s absolutely true when it 

comes to managing a liquor store. If you have an electronic inventory management system, you’ll be able to track exactly where product is going. 

When you know where product is, you experience fewer losses. Product losses = profit losses; no one wants that! 

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3. Allows you to make better purchasing decisions

When you’re making purchasing decisions for your liquor store, you don’t want to just throw darts in the dark. We’ve got two integrated systems that illuminate the dart board: invoicing and reporting and purchase order automation. Reorder management just got so much simpler

The invoicing and reporting system shows you all the reports you need to make purchase decisions. How did a certain product do last season? All the proof is in the reports! 

Invoicing and reporting allows you to view:   

  • Time-stamped employee log reports
  • Built-in category sales reports and on-premise sales reports
  • Detailed register logs
  • Inventory reports
  • Item movement reports
  • Automatic integration of purchase orders

When you’re ready to make purchasing decisions, you can set up automatic orders for products through our integrated purchase order automation system. 

Purchase order automation:

  • Allows you to create itemized purchase orders while viewing sales data
  • Automatically imports purchase orders into the invoicing system 
  • Allows you to manage and reconcile data

With these two features working harmoniously together, you’ll be able to refocus on what your business is for: enriching yours, your customers’, and your employees’ lives! 

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Partner with Cheers POS 

Take it from us at Cheers POS—we’ve had plenty of experience with inventory struggles back in our liquor store management days. Our all-in-one POS system exists to make liquor store owners’ lives easier. Saving you time, money, and making purchasing simpler for you is just the start.

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